Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! From Philosophy

Yes, today is my birthday. I have to admit I have not been very excited about it over the past few weeks. I guess because the last really exciting birthday that meant something great was of course "21". Which was quite a while ago. Since then my birthday I guess just lost its luster. It seems since then it is just another year older. But today it came and it was great! I decided "Who cares? Not me! Age is just a number! So let's celebrate me! The day I was born!". So I did. I have wonderful friends and family that all helped me celebrate and I had an amazing birthday. I also was blessed with many wonderful gifts.
One of my favorite gifts was this little Philosophy set "Birthday Girl". I spotted it at Sephora a while ago and hinted to my hubby about it. I have many friends at Sephora that know me well and they helped him out as well.
I love, love, love it. If you have not tried Philosophy before this is a great way to start.
The "Birthday Girl" Kit Contains:
2 oz. Purity Made Simple- This is an amazing face wash I have loved for years. Great for everyone and gentle.
2 oz. Amazing Grace 3 in 1- One of Philosophy's bread-n-butter products. "Amazing" scent :) and works fabulous as a shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo.
1 oz. Time on Your Hands- Great exfoliating hand cream that helps with aging. I am a hand cream whore so I will let you know how it measures with the 100 others, but so far so good!
1 oz. Soul Owner- This is an exfoliating foot cream that helps with rough soles and nasty heels. First time use for me-I will keep you posted. Seems great though.
0.5 oz. Kiss Me Red lippie- Again, a holy grail for Philosophy. Everyone has one of these babies stashed in their purse. It is a great sheer red that enhances your natural lip color and feels amazing on.
And last but not least the cute as pie birthday girl bag. It is a white vinyl square bag with a wonderful Philosophy on one side and a cute picture on the other. Great size. Love it!
Overall, I love this gift. It is fun and has great product.
Great gift for yourself or for someone you love.
Thanks to all my family and friends for a wonderful birthday!


Mademoiselle Joliette said...

Happy Birthday ! Maybe another year older is ... bleh , but a day of extra attention and gifts is always nice , eh =p

I wish they had Philosophy here ... <3

raindrop said...

Hi! I'm Cici and I live in SK, Canada. I just subscribed today. I really hope your blog gets bigger. But I'll always be subscribed:)