Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have you "flaged" today?

The latest and greatest from
Benefit Cosmetic: POWDERFLAGE!
What is Powderflage??? Well, as described by Benefit it is: "light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes & face".
My definition: powder that is a little piece of heaven sent down to help all the women of the world with the pesky dark circles we all know you have. (and you know you do)
Ok, so dark circles come in all shapes and sizes and we all have them. This is the #1 problem women come to me with, "I want to hide my dark circles." I have heard it a hundred times. And from my own mouth! It is my #1 problem too. It is hereditary for me (thanks mom & dad). I have tried every concealer out there and there is always something wrong with it (or me?), but POWDERFLAGE is here to save the day.
So what is it?: A light weight, silky, light pink powder that you sweep over the area you are concealing and diffusing.
How do you use it?: It comes complete with a "flager" brush (too cute) which is basically a mini fan brush. You dip your "flager" into the silky powder and sweep under eye area or on your face (whatever you are concealing). You can use it alone or on top of your concealer.
My personal testimonial: Ok, here is where it gets good. This little powder worked some wonders for me. It did so many good things I don't know where to start
1) It set my concealer. As we all know concealers tend too crease. Mine always has and I thought it always would. That is until Powderflage came along. No more creasing. (And for reference I have tried it with several concealers, but am currently loving Benefit's Erase Paste).
2) It really did help diffuse the light and my dark circles are no where to be seen. We all know sometimes dark circles can still sometimes be seen even through the best of concealers. But the light pink silky powder did it's job.
3) It completely hide my fine lines that yes! I already have at age 26, but don't want to admit it! It does it's magic and BAM! no more fine lines. Hence no creasing!
4) It has amazing staying power. My concealer and Powderflage stayed put all day!
5) It works alone or with your concealer. I tried both ways. Of course I got better coverage with concealer, but it is nice to know it works alone too. So you can use it either way depending on how bad your circles are or how much time you have to do your make-up.
OK, so you are saying, "It can't all be good. What is wrong with it?" NOTHING! The only down fall it may have for some of you out there is that it is an extra step if you use it with your concealer. But I promise to you, it is a step worth taking. You won't regret it!
Extra tip: It also works great as a highlighter for your face and eyes. Example, under brow to open eyes and lift brow, above brow to hightlight, on cheekbone to help accent...... You get the drift!
So get to flaging girls! It is now available at your local Benefit counter and at! XOXO

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