Saturday, September 6, 2008

F.Y.I. Johnie is a girl name!

Ok so I started thinking-my name throws off everyone! So everyone that reads this new blog will think is Johnie a boy or a girl??? Well, just to clear the air I am a female. No it is not a nickname, it is my first name given on the day I was born. It is on my birth certificate and my driver's license. And yes I have had to pull out the license before to prove it. And no my parents didn't want a boy. They have 3 girls and wouldn't change one of us for a boy. And it is spelled right--not Johnny, Johnnie, Johny--or any other crazy way. It is just Johnie-one "N" and no "Y". I guess you can tell this has been an issue my whole life! :) But I love my name and would never change it!

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giz89 said...

hey i feel your pain on the name thing! my name is giselle, and i know people have heard it before.. i mean come on, there's gisele bundchen and others. but there are still people who havent heard my name before! they're like "uhh grizz-elle?" yeah grizzly bear, sure, whatever. lol . sheesh some people! i totally understand your frustration. :)